OFFICIAL SELECTION | 2nd Edition 2021| Feature
March 20, 2021
The closing ceremony of the second “Nostalgia” Film Festival
October 13, 2021

OFFICIAL SELECTION | 2nd Edition 2021| Short

Official selection in second edition of Nostalgia film festival:

Short films competition

  1. The eleventh step by Maryam Kashkoolinia
    Little lion was born in the zoo Behind the iron cage bars that were only ten steps from the beginning to the end. The little lion sometimes walked in .the cage, but only ten steps In the eleventh step, his head would hit the cage bars and got hurt Until one day the guard forgot to close the cage and…
  2. Corona kiss by Hamidreza Hassani
    The film is about a granddaughter who wants to send her grandpa a kiss during the corona pandemic. To do this, she uses a creative method.
  3. On Edge by Marzia Kamyabi
    A grandmother and grandson are reluctantly forced to spend an afternoon together. However, an act of nature brings them closer as a family.
  4. Bodies by Morvarid Kashiyan
    It is a story of a transsexual. A boy who feels like a girl.
    He is a stage actor and has fallen in love with his director.
    He would like to have a sex change and becomes a girl but his conservative father does not approve of this.
    He is trying to persuade his father and confess his love to the director…
  5. Rebel by Pier-Philippe Chevigny
    Alex, a six-year-old boy from Quebec, is much too young to understand why thousands of refugees have been entering Canada illegally. Yet when his father takes him along to a vigilante patrol in the woods to hunt out trespassing migrants, something inside him tells him to rebel.
  6. The blue bed by Alireza Kazemipour
    Zahra is a middle-aged woman who visits a temporary marriage agency and signs up to have a young working girl. She picks her up to take her home but the girl (Negar) who has never had a female client before, becomes suspicious of Zahra’s intent and sexual orientation.
  7. Earth is home by Nüman Noomén
    Coronavirus has spread around the world until the period of global quarantine that allowed people around the world to stay at home and then go back in time 1920 about the forgotten Spanish flu whose victims were most affected by COVID-19 in the end we learned that the coronavirus has no limits in Our world, Earth is becoming less polluted and we need to protect it because Earth is our home.
  8. Washout by Alex Fatehnia
    A romantic dinner turns into anything but when a petty argument escalates into a revelation of secrets.
  9. Subjection by Alireza Mirzae
    Armed men take a prisoner into the desert. One of them traces lines of a cell around the prisoner on sand. The armed men go away. The prisoner is alone and unrestrained : what will he do ?
  10. Dad by Mohamamd Keivanmarz
    A young boy tries to attract his father’s attention who is in a depression.
  11. Tangle by Maliheh Gholamzadeh
    “Tangle” is about the people who lost their homes in the war and was forced to leave all their memories and loved ones behind. It is also about life and striving to survive on the geographical borders of hope and depression while reaching for all the things that can connect us to this water and land in spite of constantly getting ignored and interrupted.
  12. BITCH LOVE by Nima Rafighi
    A scriptwriter in search of inspiration meets a film student.
    Will she be his new muse?
  13. Home by Fatemeh Hosseini
    In an emotional search for her identity, Tamara, a young woman adopted from an orphanage in Russia struggles to find her biological mother. Overwhelmed by her thoughts and feelings, she experiences moments of doubt and determination in her journey as she discovers her past.
  14. To Mr. Farhadi by Ali Najafi
    A young man is going to make an audition video for Mr. Farhadi’s latest film.
  15. Baradar by Beppe Tufarulo
    When they are forced to separate, 10-year-old Ali and his 18-year-old brother Mohammed have already been travelling for a long time. Three years earlier, a bomb destroyed their home in Kabul and killed their parents.

Baradar is based on the novel “Tonight we look at the stars”, published by Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Editore, written by Francesco Casolo.

  1. The Visit by Azadeh Moussavi
    After six months, Elaheh is finally allowed to visit her husband, who is a political prisoner.
    Elaheh and her little daughter Tara have one single day to prepare for this important meeting.
  2. FIRE EXTINGUISHER by Rodrigo Sopeña, Joana Solnado
    Milagros is obliged to install a fire extinguisher in her chapel. But first she will have to ask someone’s permission…

Rodrigo Sopeña (“Club Houdini”, “Fermat’s room”) and Joana Solnado (“Morangos com Açúcar”, “Paixão”) present this unusual short film made during the workshop “Filming in Navarre with Asghar Farhadi” under the supervision of the Iranian filmmaker winner of two Oscar.

Asghar Farhadi said: “I like it because it’s a complete movie, and it’s something new. It will please those who believe in God and those who do not”.

  1. WITNESS by Ali Asgari
    A mother helps an elderly woman in a shopping mall in Tehran. A tragedy occurs, brutally confronting her with the impact of her actions.
  2. The Spit by Armin Rahimian, Emad Emami Nia
    A little boy stands up for himself by spitting.
  3. 113 by Neda Assef
    Soldier number 113 is overtired and has fallen asleep in the military base conference room, in which the meeting sessions are held. He wakes up when the base commander and other high ranked generals attend the room. A mission has been exposed and a confidential meeting is being held. Soldier number 113 is under the conference table, quiet and motionless. His absence in the base raises commanders’ doubts about him being the rat. The soldier is sinking into the accusation.
  4. Exam by Sonia K. Hadad
    A teenage girl involves in the process of delivering a pack of cocaine to its client, and she got stuck in a weird cycle of occurrences.
  5. War Game by Mehrnoosh Fetrat, Jon Appel
    In an imagined battle between the United States and the fictional Latin American country of Cubuchilia, an American soldier has control over water resources and news media on both sides of the war. This depressed white soldier profits monetarily by the continuation of the war, and therefore ensures the battle endures through his power over the water and news. Inadvertently, he causes all the soldiers on both sides to perish, and thus the war ends. He then, through his media control, presents himself as the hero of the conflict and the savior of the United States.
    War Game has a world premiere status.
  6. Red Panda by Ali Paknia
    A driver who has always dreamed of going to Denmark. incidentally, he take a passenger who arrives from Denmark after eight years , after the passenger arrives at the destination, he refuse to go his family and asks the driver .
  7. Covid-19 by Farzaneh Ghobadi
    Story is about corona and its effect on earth life and people.
  8. Help by Behzad Hatef
    A comedy story of batman and covid_19
  9. Dance of love by Mohammad Farajzadeh
    The documentary Dance of Love is about the life of an old man and woman. The woman has been suffering from diabetes and Alzheimer’s for 16 years. And she hasn’t come out in seven years. Her husband takes care of her. His love for his wife has led him to paint all the walls of his backyard for her.
  10. We are not Venice by Komeil Soheili
    A village in Iran banned any type of hotels and hostels, as people believe this can affect their culture of hospitality. While people of this village offer tourists to stay in their homes, some youth generation believes this should change and they need to earn more money from tourists.
  11. The American Bull by Fatemeh Tousi
    In a border village between Iran and Iraq, a group of villagers is doing animal husbandry. Saheb, the teenage boy who owns the only male American bull, is heavily dependent on his bull and earns money by its servicing for breeding.

Official selection in second edition of Nostalgia film festival:

Short films non competition

  1. The Kites by Seyed Payam Hosseini
    In the story of the kite short film it is stated that: Border boy silence falls in love with a girl who lives across the border. She tries to reach out to the girl through the missing girl’s kite on the other side of the border.
  2. Flying fishes by Mohammad Towrivarian
    The new teacher in the village understood that one of his student who is the only girl in the class don’t talk and a cigarette burn is visible in her hand.
  3. The Broken coloured pencils by Abtin Amiri
    A story taken from The memories of a phychology student.
  4. Insulin by Majid Reza Dehghani Tafti
    The old woman wants to eat an egg, but she has to insulin before that. The grandmother does not know until her grandson arrives. The boy is also scared, so he eats the egg so that the grandmother does not need insulin.
  5. BIRTH OF TWO DEPARTEDS by Ali Sadeghian
    The story is about a few boys who decide to throw a birthday party for their friends Masoud . As his birthday is coincided with his grandfather’s death anniversary no one cares about him. His friends decide to take him out of the ceremony and throw his birthday party. Ali who is not in a good financial situation and hasn’t bought any gift ruins the others plan and persuade the others to throw the party in a room inside the mosque yard with the grandfather’s grave in. A few minutes later there is a power outrage and Ali’s father along with Masoud’s father enter while the kids are dancing. When Masoud’s father wants to turn off the music sees the music is playing on his son cellphone and his son and father dancing on the video which goes back few years on his son’s birthday.
  6. The dagger by Saman Tafreshi
    Humans are lying and betraying to getaway from their dark past, but, there is no escape.
  7. like everyday by Arezu Zargar
    A young woman wants to spend some time for herself but…
  8. Under the Bed by Mahdi Shahsavari
    Just when you want to help someone, you may make troucles for yourself … but sometimes these troubles can reveal secrets you were unaware of …
  9. winter memories by Zahra Kababian, Amir Mahdi Safdari
    An old lady who has a memory problem cyclically remember memories of a time when she tried to make a shawl for her father who went to war and never returned.
  10. Paper GOD by Daniyal Mahmoudnia
    Ali, who is disabled and in a wheelchair, aspires to go to the top of a cliff from which he can launch his paper plane like the other boys…
  11. Kallima by Ashkan Ahmadi
    A little girl, who is on the verge of puberty, goes with her father to catch butterfly. Her father is killed there by accident. Now she is experiencing her adolescence with new problems.
  12. Elders by Parisa Sedaei-Azar, Ramin Farzaneh
    The old man wants to run away from the nursing home
  13. From Now On by Atefeh Rahmani
    During the quarantine period, when there was no room to go and no one could be seen, and of course, nothing could be done, we decided to make music. Out of the ordinary routine and productions. I wrote his song and one of my friends made his music and then we sang it together.
    That same day, I decided to make a clip for it alone at home with my hand tools. Creating a one-man clip without agents, money, equipment, and actors was a challenge for me that I did and the result was this.
    This clip is made with the theme of Corona and the environment.
  14. The GrandDaughter by Mohsen Habibi, Mostafa Daryadar
    A teenage girl enters an infected home in the days of COVID19 Pandemic.
  15. Dahol by Ahmad Akhondi
    A hunter who loses her life because of greed
  16. 2 TO 4 WATCH by Ali Zarekar
    A soldier named Sohrab is caught up in the barracks. He is lost in his own state of mind , wandering about astray in his thoughts . 2 TO 4 WATCH revolves around the emptiness and psychological space of a soldier in times of war . what does a soldier do when his father is sick , and he needs to go home , but his duty is here to stay?
  17. Stonely Language by Reza Saveys
    A dumb boy is waiting for a car on the Deserted road to stopped that for help his disabled brother . But the car passes by disregarding …

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