The screening of selected IRANIAN SHORT FILMS
October 3, 2020
OFFICIAL SELECTION | 2nd Edition 2021| Feature
March 20, 2021

OFFICIAL SELECTION | 2nd Edition 2021| Script

Official selection in the second edition of Nostalgia film festival 2021:

Short script

  1. Jashu by Ashkan Chavoshi
    Varuzh is an Armenian food vendor who refuges Joshu to his shop during an accident. Joshu indwells and works there. Joshu has a strange ability to repair equipments. People find out and bring their equipments to the Varouzh store for repairing, but Joshu’s ability goes beyond repairing damaged equipments, and that leads to an adventure.
  2. Friend by Ali Abdolvahhabi
    After his tree friends are cut down by the garden owner, the big tree is saved by the white – mole butterfly before he can be cut down along with the other young trees which were bent down in ice-cold.
  3. Congenital by Saman Hosseinpuor, Ako Zandkarimi
    Roja is a young, rural girl who is forced to marry an oldman, because her brother killed the song of the oldman. At the first night of their marriage the Oldman wants to have sex with Roja.but Roja tries to find a way out and run away and hide his big secret.

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