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March 20, 2021

The closing ceremony of the second “Nostalgia” Film Festival

The closing ceremony of the second “Nostalgia” Film Festival was held on Friday, 24 September, with the introduction of the winners in various categories in Milan, Italy.

According to the public relations of the Nostalgia Film Festival, the second Nostalgia Film Festival, which was held in Milan, Italy, from September 21 to 25, under the direction of Mohammad Ghanefard and Reza Nuri, was attended by members of the festival’s policy council, a number of filmmakers and judges.
The second “Nostalgia” film festival ended on Saturday, October 24, with the screening of films from the competitive section.

The second Nostalgia Film Festival was held in three categories: Short Script, feature film and short film. During this period of the festival, 1472 works including screenplays and short and feature films were sent to the secretariat, from which 3 screenplays, 7 feature films and 28 short films were selected.

The winners were also introduced and honored in three categories: Short script, feature film and short film. The names of the winners were announced as follows:


The screenplay of “Jashu” written by Ashkan Chavoshi from Iran won the best short screenplay.

Feature film:

The film “Soft Waves of the Friendly Sea” was awarded the prize for the best feature film directed by Amir Kaveh and produced by Amir Kaveh and Mostafa Mohammadkhani, a co- production of Iran and Italy.

In this section, the Peace Prize of the Nostalgia Festival was awarded to the film “Simin” directed and produced by Morteza Atash Zamzam.

Competition Short Film:

The Best Short Film Award went to the short film “Rebel” directed by Pier-Philippe Chevigny from Canada.

In the short film category, a special award was also given to the secretary of the Nostalgia Film Festival for the short film “Brother” directed by Beppe Tufarulo from Italy.
Nostalgia Film Festival is the first Iranian film festival in Italy, which has been launched with the aim of creating a nostalgic atmosphere for Iranians in northern Italy and presenting a part of Iranian culture and art to Italians.

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