OFFICIAL SELECTION | 2nd Edition 2021| Script
March 20, 2021
OFFICIAL SELECTION | 2nd Edition 2021| Short
March 20, 2021

OFFICIAL SELECTION | 2nd Edition 2021| Feature

Official selection in the second edition of Nostalgia film festival 2021:

Feature Films

  1. My Second Year in College by Rasoul Sadrameli
    There are two close friends, two university girls, going on an excursion to Isfahan. When one of them falls into a coma, for the other one, any confrontation turns to be a new challenge. Confrontations with her own mother, sister, and fiancé, her sleeping friend, her parents and her boyfriend and of course, the university officials…
  2. CALL ME MOM by Bahareh Rahnama
    After her second marriage, a prolific actress is hesitant about becoming a mom again. She decides to direct a documentary film. After an open call in her Instagram page, she brings a number of Iranian women from different backgrounds in front of her camera and challenges them with her questions on being a mom. Now she is the observer and the Iranian women are the stars shining on the silver screen.
  3. The soft waves of the friendly sea by Amir kaveh
    Four Iranian friends, live in a house near Rome. To improve their living conditions they decide to leave for Northern Europe. But as they plan their trip, and try to find the necessary money, things get complicated for everyone…
  4. CINEMA DONKEY by Shahed Ahmadlou
    A filming group is making a humanitarian film that has a message for humanity. They need a professional donkey to play in a few scenes. The budget and time limitations have made it difficult for them to find a professional donkey. Until the production group finds a donkey wandering in the woods.
  5. BELIEVE by Parnia Kazemipour
    Bahman is a 8-year old boy lives in the village with his nervous and strict mother.
    The school class in the village is get cancelled this year due to low enrollment. He has to cross the river every day to reach new school, then he faces serious problem; Bahman has fear of deep water and swimming!
  6. Formerly Youth Square by Mina Akbari
    This is a documentary about journalism in Iran. The filmmaker who used to be a journalist herself, decided to recapture a photo which was taken during the golden time of journalism in Iran. The golden time has passed and she finds so many of the people in the picture in other occupations; they have left their job as a journalist.
  7. Simin by Morteza Atash zam zam
    Following the drying up of the Zayandehrood River, the wells and aqueducts of neighboring villages have also gradually become dehydrated. Agricultural lands have lost their fertility and villages have been gradually depopulated. Most of its inhabitants have migrated to the surrounding towns, leaving only the elderly in the villages. The few who remain in the villages are desperate to find water, have gone to find another job. The few who are more hopeful are still searching for water in the heart of the aqueducts.

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